Sunday, September 28, 2014

DAZZ LETELLIER New single "I Love me more" promotional pictures leaves us in shock

Andlazz Inc., September 28, 2014, New York, NY. With a very different style of singing and composing, as many have already expressed both in her presentations and her recordings, DAZZ LETELLIER again leaves us in shock after the release of several promotional pictures of her latest video "I love me more." "I love me more" is the latest musical creation of this talented artist who now presents us with some beautiful melodies about the harsh reality of domestic violence, another social issue that the artist has incorporated in her repertoire, as areWar Soldier,” “Behind the Bars,” “”When Angels Talk, and many more.
"I love me more" has remained in the top 10 chart for independent music for six consecutive weeks without it being released officially at digital stores, it already has reached more than 25,000 plays as a singer /songwriter.
Listen to "I love me more:”

Why the song “I love me more?”
Dazz: If a person cannot speak due to fear ....... I hope they can at least hear me. I recently received a message from two fans telling me that “I love me more” was their life story and they thanked me for writing it. These short sentences touched the finest fibers of my soul, and my heart wanted to jump out of my chest, I thought ... somewhere in the world two people are taking their first steps to love themselves much more. I was full of joy because I felt that I was able to help them in some way. 
“I love me more” because true love does not hurt. People are wrong to believe that when we mention the word violence, we are referring only to physical abuse toward another individual. Emotional abuse is the same or worse than physical abuse, and what about violence against animals? And they can’t even speak. GOD has given me a special talent just as he gives all his children. I am a firm believer that music is not just created for dancing, laughing or to mourn, it  is also an easy way to give positive, educational and helpful information to all who hear it. Thus, I love me more.
How about those photos and your images?

Dazz:  It is difficult to look at the pictures, even for someone like me. Neither my family nor my followers where very happy with the images. The point is not really to draw attention, but then again that is the point, to get attention. We cannot turn our backs to this serious issue, thank GOD this is not my specific situation, but unfortunately many people end up like the pictures in real life.

As for the pictures, violence does not discriminate against any social status, gender, religion, race, etc.... The pictures bring awareness to people, I've never been afraid of any external change, because my essence is always the same and never changes.
“I would have achieved my main purpose musically, when people can think and have fun at the same time”.  Dazz

"I love me more" is available on all mayor digital platforms. Official video release October 7.
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Just on MP3DAYS linked to SOUNDCLOUD Dazz Letellier music has been download digitally more than half million times worldwide.

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