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Bianchi seriously injured in Japan horror crash

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Suzuka (Japan) (AFP) - French driver Jules Bianchi underwent emergency surgery on Sunday after sustaining a serious head injury in a horror crash near the end of a rain-hit and controversial Japanese Grand Prix.
Formula One's governing International Motoring Federation (FIA) said the 25-year-old Marussia driver had been rushed to hospital after suffering a "severe head injury" and had gone into surgery.
Bianchi was taken to hospital by ambulance, still unconscious, after colliding with a recovery vehicle which was attempting to lift Adrian Sutil's Sauber away from danger after the German himself had skidded into a wall on lap 42 at Suzuka.
The FIA said that Bianchi would continue to be monitored in intensive care following his operation.
"The driver was removed from the car, taken to the circuit medical centre and then by ambulance to Mie General Hospital," FIA press officer Matteo Bonciani said in a statement.
"The CT scan shows that he has suffered a severe head injury and he is currently undergoing surgery. Following this he will be moved to intensive care where he will be monitored."
The FIA added: "A recovery vehicle was despatched in order to lift (Sutil's) car and take it to a place of safety behind the guardrail. While this was being done the driver of car 17, Jules Bianchi, lost control of his car, travelled across the run-off area and hit the back of the tractor."
"Jules is seriously injured," Bianchi's father Philippe told France 3 television. "He is undergoing surgery for a head injury and we will need to wait 24 hours to know any more on his condition."
Bianchi, a member of Ferrari's young driver programme, is in his second season in Formula One.
He scored a memorable ninth place in Monaco this year, giving the back-of-the grid Marussia team their first points since their debut in 2010.
Championship leader Lewis Hamilton won Sunday's race, which had been threatened by a typhoon and began behind the safety car with drivers complaining over team radios that they were unable to see through the spray.
Starting in second behind Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, Hamilton had radioed: "Tell Nico not to do anything dramatic because I can't see him."
Sutil witnessed Bianchi's shunt after going out himself.
"I had a spin and ended up in the wall," he said. "I stood up and they tried to rescue the car. Jules was in the same area and lost the car. Hopefully he is in good hands."
The safety car and medical car were sent out and the race brought to a premature halt, giving Hamilton his eighth victory of the season, although the Briton's celebrations were muted as news of Bianchi's accident filtered through.
- 'All concerned' -
"We're all very concerned about our colleague, Bianchi," said Hamilton.
"I don't really know what to say. Obviously (the race) didn't finish the way we would have hoped but really, my prayers are with him and his family."
German Rosberg, who finished second, said: "I'm not thinking about the race -- I'm thinking about my colleague. I'm hoping for the best."
Williams driver Felipe Massa, who was involved in a serious crash during qualifying for the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, said: "We need to understand what has happened with Jules. I'm very worried.
"I was already screaming on the radio five laps before the safety car that there was too much water on the track, but they took a bit too long and it was dangerous. So we saw that there were some crashes at the end."
Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel, who was third on Sunday behind the Mercedes duo of Hamilton and Rosberg, said results were irrelevant in the light of Bianchi's crash.
"Everything that happened with the racing on track is secondary today, one of us is in a bad shape and we don’t yet know how he is," said the German Red Bull star.
"Jules had a bad accident and we hope to have some very good news, very soon. Not knowing what’s going on feels terrible, I think all the drivers really feel with him, as we know how difficult and slippery it was today; we hope for the very best."
Formula One has been relatively free of bad crashes in recent years following safety-improving measures that were implemented in the wake of the last fatality to hit the sport - that of former world champion Ayrton Senna at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.
Marussia reserve driver Maria De Villota lost her right eye in a test crash in July 2012.
The 33-year-old Spaniard was found dead in a Seville hotel room in October 2013.
There was an out-pouring of sympathy for Bianchi from within the sport and outside.
"#CourageJulesBianchi..hoping to read good news of your recovery soon," tweeted France's former Wimbledon tennis champion Marion Bartoli.

"Annabelle" couldn't scare off "Gone Girl" at the weekend box office.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "Annabelle" couldn't scare off "Gone Girl" at the weekend box office.
The Fox thriller starring Ben Affleck as a man whose wife goes missing overcame the Warner Bros. possessed doll horror with a $38 million debut, according to studio estimates Sunday.
Both films join the recently released "The Maze Runner" and "The Equalizer" in crossing the $30 million mark this fall, a typically low-earning season at the box office.
"It was virtually a photo finish," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak. "These two movies couldn't be more different. It shows how if the marketplace presents a diversity of product, audiences will come out. It's the third and fourth $30 million debut of the past two weeks. It's been a great post-summer run."
"Gone Girl" is based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn and was directed by "The Social Network" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" filmmaker David Fincher.
"I think David Fincher made a very provocative, thought-provoking film," said Chris Aronson, head of distribution for Fox. "I think there was this crescendo of publicity and social media chatter that made 'Gone Girl' into a zeitgeisty movie that you have to see to be part of the conversation."
"Annabelle" debuted closely behind "Gone Girl" with $37.2 million. The movie stars Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis as new parents who bring the creepy porcelain plaything seen in last year's haunted house horror "The Conjuring" into their home.
Sony's "The Equalizer," last week's top performer, came in third place in its second weekend with $19 million, bringing its total domestic haul to $64.5 million. The revenge thriller starring Denzel Washington reteams him with director Antoine Fuqua, who helmed 2001's "Training Day," the film that earned Washington an Oscar for best actor.
"Left Behind," the weekend's other big debut, opened in sixth place with $6.8 million. The Rapture-set film starring Nicholas Cage is based on the novel of the same name.
Dergarabedian said overall ticket sales for the weekend box office were $149 million, an 18 percent increase from the same weekend last year.
Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Rentrak. Where available, the latest international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.
1. "Gone Girl," $38 million.
2. "Annabelle," $37.2 million.
3. "The Equalizer," $19 million.
4. "The Boxtrolls," $12.4 million.
5. "The Maze Runner," $12 million
6. "Left Behind," $6.8 million.
7. "This Is Where I Leave You," $4 million.
8. "Dolphin Tale 2," $3.5 million.
9. "Guardians of the Galaxy," $3 million.
10. "No Good Deed," $2.5 million.
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Lindsay Lohan Gets Support From "Fairy Godmother" Oprah Winfrey at Her New Play in London

Oprah Winfrey, Lindsay Lohan Instagram
Oprah Winfrey is still a proud Lindsay Lohan supporter!
The talk show queen and beloved personality flew to London this weekend to see the one and only Lohan in her new production.
"@LindsayLohan backstage at her new play in London. #SpeedthePlow," Oprah wrote on Instagram while sharing a smile with the actress.
Lohan added, "So thrilled to have @Oprah and @Lupita_Nyongo in the audience tonight. I'm a lucky girl! XXo #Myfairygodmother."
Lohan has been hard at work while starring in David Mamet's play Speed-the-Plow alongside Richard Schiff. The popular production is a satirical dissection of the American movie business and features three different acts.
VIDEO: Oprah sounds off on Lindsay Lohan's docu-series 
Lindsay Lohan Splash News
Lohan has been starring in the play since Sept. 24 and the initials reviews aren't bad at all.
"On the first night of previews, a work-in-progress feel is to be expected," one review said. "Lohan remained charming throughout."
Oprah's arrival proves that she still has faith in a woman who opened her life up to cameras on the Oprah Winfrey Network docu-series, Lindsay.
During the show's eight episodes, Lohan allowed cameras to follow her journey, which included a stressful move to New York City, several business meetings and even a shocking confession that she miscarried during the series.

Ben Affleck and Bill Maher Can't Seem to Agree During Heated Islam Debate—Watch Now! by Mike Vulpo

Ben Affleck, Bill Maher HBO
Ben Affleck and Bill Maher aren't exactly seeing eye to eye on one hot issue.
The Gone Girl star appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday evening where he quickly got into a disagreement about Islam with the host and other panelists including author Sam Harris.
During the debate, Affleck felt Maher and Harris were presenting an overly broad and negative picture of those who practice Islam.
"We can criticize Christians…but when you want to talk about the treatment of women, homosexuals and free thinkers in the Muslim world, liberals have failed us. The crucial point of confusion is we have been sold this meme of Islamaphobia –where every criticism of the doctrine of Islam gets conflated with bigotry towards Muslims as people, which is intellectually ridiculous."
Affleck, who believes the minority of radical Islamists shouldn't give a bad name to the majority of Muslims who do not share the same views, couldn't help but step in and voice his opinion.
PHOTOS: Ben Affleck's biggest movie roles 
"[Your characterization] is gross. It's racist," he shared. "It's like saying, ‘Oh, you shifty Jew!'"
Harris wouldn't back down and called Islam "the motherload of bad ideas." Affleck responded saying, "It's just an ugly thing to say."
Maher went further and compared Islam to the mafia.
"It's the only religion that acts like the mafia," he explained. "That will f--king kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book."
PHOTOS: Hollywood's democrats revealed 
 "What is your solution? That we condemn Islam?" Affleck responded before the group finally agreed to disagree. Watch the full debate in the video above.
Affleck has been involved with politics for many years. In fact, his activism sparked rumors of a senate run in 2012.
More recently, the Hollywood A-lister made waves in Washington when he testified before a Senate panel in support of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He would quickly earn the respect of then-Senator John Kerry.

Why Homeland Haters Should Watch Tonight

Claire Danes, Homeland Didier Baverel/SHOWTIME

There was a point midway through the third season of Homeland where I felt I would suffer permanent vision loss if I continued to watch, because clearly I couldn't possibly roll my eyes back any farther without severing an optic nerve.
For me, Homeland had jumped the shark way harder than The Fonz ever could, thanks to some sloppy, slow and misguided storytelling, that ultimately led to the death of my number one reason for watching: Brody (Damien Lewis).  I frankly could not imagine a way that the show's writers could possibly get me to care about Carrie (Claire Danes) and the rest of the characters on this show.
I. Was. Done.
NEWS: Enough with the TV shows based on '80s and '90s movies already!
Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Homeland's fourth season (which premieres tonight), because, not only was I hearing whispers about a creative resurgence for the one-time awe-inspiring Emmy juggernaut, I had a real come-to-Jesus moment while talking to Lost producer Damon Lindelof about the nature of TV fandoms in the era of social media, and how quickly we can spiral into knee-jerk rage. "I'm still a guy that says I love Homeland," he told me, "and I'm going to love the show Homeland until they don't make the show any more. And there are going to be great seasons and there are going to be seasons that are less than great. Because you can't be great unless less than great is part of the equation."
Hmmm....So maybe, just maybe, one sucky season isn't cause to swear it off for all eternity?
And then the whispers turned into shouts, that Homeland's first two episodes were truly great. Other reporters who'd seen it started asking me with wide eyes, "OH MY GOD. HAVE YOU SEEN IT?"
NEWS: Is Twin Peaks getting a revival?!
Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Homeland Jackson Lee Davis/SHOWTIME
So I finally did. And I watched the first three episodes all in one night because I couldn't stop.
So now it has to be said: Homeland is pretty great again
The writers have breathed new life into the series in the most genius way possible: They've taken the audience's indifference, frustration and anger, and used it for their own benefit, because now we aren't supposed to care about Carrie any more. She has lost her grip on morality, proving to be an insensitive bomb-dropping maniac and perhaps the worst mother we've ever seen on television (not kidding).
Carrie is the new villain.
Seriously, when you see how she behaves, especially in episode two, you'll have a hard time rooting for her. And not punching your fist through the screen.
It's this newfound hatred of Carrie (and a well-crafted empathy for the enemy) that actually fuels an overwhelming desire to see what happens next, because you want her to either realize what a despicable person she has become, or get her comeuppance.
My favorite line so far is served from Quinn to Carrie: "It's not all about you."
NEWS: Where are The Vampire Diaries' Bonnie and Damon? Get the scoop from Julie Plec!
The writers also have found a story arc that moves, with real emotional gravitas, when it comes to the highly hostile war zone (Islamabad) where Carrie is stationed, and fights to stay stationed, so she doesn't ever have to see her baby. (Toldja, she's a real peach.)
Homeland is back, and made us haters care again—by showing it's OK, even encouraged, to not care about Carrie.
Nicely played.
Watch Homeland's fifth season premiere tonight, and let me know what you think (you can tweet me @kristindsantos or Facebook me), especially after seeing the horribly horrible things she does in episode two.
 "There is no diagnosis for you," Carrie's sister says. True. Dat.
But I have one for the show: In remission.

Sarah Silverman Hosts Saturday Night Live, Spoofs Joan Rivers: 5 Highlights, Plus Videos by Corinne Heller

Sarah Silverman, Joan Rivers, SNL NBC
Comedienne Sarah Silverman spoofed the late Joan Rivers, played an Ebola patient and talked to herself as she made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live, which marked her first appearance on the show in 20 years.
Silverman was a featured performer on the late-night NBC sketch comedy series between 1993 and 1994. Saturday's show also featured Maroon 5, who performed their hits "Animals" and "Maps." Frontman Adam Levinealso appeared in two sketches.
Check out five highlights from Silverman's SNL hosting debut below.
1. Joan Rivers roasts fellow celebrities in Heaven
Donning a coifed blond wig, a maroon-colored fur jacket, a black top and a chunky pink necklace, Silverman, 43, did her best impression of the late legendary comedienne and host of E!'s Fashion Police, who died at age 81 on Sept. 4, addressing several other deceased famous people.
"My old friend Richard Pryor's here! I can't believe it!" she said. "Even Steve Jobs, right here! Incredible."
Also spotted, Benjamin Franklin, played by Bobby Moynihan.
"Hey Ben, Ben, where'd ya get that outfit?" Silverman-as-Rivers asked. "Forever 1721?"
Levine also made a cameo as late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, wearing a bright banana yellow outfit, prosthetic  teeth and a sweet 'stache.

Paul Revere Dies: The Raiders Band Leader, "Madman of Rock n' Roll," Was 76 by Corinne Heller

Paul Revere and the Raiders
Rick Diamond/Getty Images for IEBA
Paul Revere, leader and organ player of instrumental rock group Paul Revere & The Raiders, has died at age 76.

performer, who was dubbed the "The Last Madman of Rock n' Roll" due to
his sense of humor and whose band sported Revolutionary War-style
costumes during their performances, passed away on Saturday at his home
in Idaho. The cause of his death was not revealed.

A message was posted on The Raiders' official website in the form of a sweet, funny letter composed by "everyone who has ever met" him.

you after a show in the autograph line cemented the deal for everyone,"
it said. "Just as fun, funny and spontaneous as you were onstage,
extremely nice and accommodating to everyone who waited in the long
lines to meet you. Take a picture - 'SURE, take TWO!' Sign these 20
albums? 'Why NOT, you helped pay for my first house, and my first

"When you turned your attention towards
someone, you made that person feel special and in your spotlight," it
added. "You had a pet name for each person, and you never hesitated to
tell them how exceptional they were."

"On October
4th, 2014, an incredible ride came to the end, As Rock and Roll Band
Leader Paul Revere died peacefully at his home in Idaho, a small estate
overlooking a tranquil river canyon," 
Roger Hart, who became the band's manager in the '60s, said in another online message.

The singer revealed in a Facebook post
this past July that he was dealing with "health issues," adding,
"Nothing can stop the old man. I'm like the Energizer Bunny! I jump on
my tour bus and go from city to city, packing a trunk full of great
Raider songs, tight pants and bad jokes—all against doctor's orders, by
the way!"

The band continued to perform. On Aug. 1,
the group promoted a new gig—they were to perform on a musical "oldies"
cruise in 2015.

Revere had said in a 2013 message
that he has dealt with "just about everything" health-wise over the past
75 years—"2 types of cancer (beat ‘em both!), rotator cuff surgery
(killed it!), hysterectomy (don't ask) and on and on."

REWIND: Seattle Gets''Swoopy'' Rock Shrine

Paul Revere's group was most famous in the '60s and '70s and were
the first group to be signed by Columbia Records. They released such as
"Kicks" and "Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation
Indian)." The band was also one of the first performers of the hit
"Louie Louie," which was made famous by The Kingsman in 1963.

were the party band that played all these parties for the
fraternities," Revere was quoted as saying in an interview, posted on "We were always an off the wall, crazy kind of group. We loved to do the bizarre onstage. We were a fun band."

also talked about how they got their Revolutionary War military look,
saying the band once obtained costumes from a shop in Portman, Oregon
"for the hell of it," adding, "Paul Revere and The Raiders...why not?"

that night at the dance, we took an intermission half way through it
and put on the Revolutionary coats and the outfits. We came out and it
just added another element of craziness to the show. I started renting
'em for a couple of weekends and I said, 'This is stupid. I might as
well have 'em made.' So, I had some costumes made, just the coats," he
said, adding, "It was the kind of thing that just grew because of the
name. It just seemed like a way to get attention."

Revere was born in Nebraska in January 1938 as Paul Revere Dick. He was preceded in death by his third wife, Sydney.

world will be a lot less fun, a lot less kind and gentle without Paul
Revere in it," the letter stated. "Your larger-than-life absence will
leave a void in our hearts and our lives. We are all blessed to have
known you, and we'll miss you more than you could ever know."

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Welcome a Bab...

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Todd Chrisley
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach; USA Network

Todd Chrisley knows a thing or two about parenting!

With the help of his wife, Julie Chrisley,
the self-made millionaire and "patriarch of perfection" has managed to
raise five strong, independent and very entertaining kids.

So when we sat down with the star of Chrisley Knows Best, we couldn't help but ask if he had any advice for new parents Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

think you love your baby," he told E! News. "You know that it's going
to get better when you bring them home. You're learning at the same time
your baby is learning you."

It also helps tremendously when your partner is on the same page.




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Michael Phelps Entering Himself Into "Inpatient Pr...

Michael Phelps
Mike Marsland/WireImage
UPDATE: A spokesperson for Octagon, the
sports agency representing Michael Phelps, said in a statement to E!
News that the Olympian "is entering himself into a six-week, inpatient

"While this has been an extremely difficult
time for him, he is encouraged that this comprehensive program will
help him focus on all of his life experiences and identify areas of need
for long-term personal growth and development," the spokesperson said.
"Michael takes this matter seriously and intends to share his learning
experiences with others in the future."

USA Swimming Executive Director Chuck Wielgus
added, "We fully support Michael's decision to place his health and
well-being as the number one priority. His self-recognition and
commitment to get help exhibit how serious he is to learn from this


Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps is
taking a break to attend a "program" to seek help to "better
understand" himself following his recent DUI arrest, his second in
almost 10 years.

"The past few days have been extremely difficult," the 29-year-old tweeted early
on Sunday. "I recognize that this is not my first lapse in judgment,
and I am extremely disappointed with myself. I'm going to take some time
away to attend a program that will provide the help I need to better
understand myself."

"Swimming is a major part of my
life, but right now I need to focus my attention on me as an
individual and do the necessary work to learn from this experience and
make better decisions in the future," added the most decorated Olympian
in history, who has won 18 gold medals and 22 overall.

PHOTOS: Biggest Olympic scandals

Phelps was arrested in Maryland on Sept. 30 for driving
under the influence, excessive speed and crossing double lane lines
inside a Baltimore tunnel. He later took to Twitter to say he understood the "severity" of his actions and takes "full responsibility."

know these words may not mean much right now but I am deeply sorry to
everyone I have let down," said the Olympian, who is from the Baltimore

Police said he had driven his 2014 Land Rover at a speed of 84 mph in a 45 mph zone and failed several field sobriety tests.

November 2004, Phelps, who was 19 at the time, was also arrested for
DUI. He received 18 months of probation and a $250 fine and was required
to deliver a presentation on alcohol awareness to students at three
high schools, according to ESPN.

had announced his retirement after the 2012 Olympic Games in London,
where he won four gold medals and two silver ones. He said earlier this
year he would return to swimming and
many speculate he will compete with the U.S. team during the 2016
Olympics in Rio, which would mark his fifth time taking part in the
international competition. Nothing has been confirmed.

"I'm doing this for me," USA Today had
quoted him as saying, regarding his career comeback. "If I don't become
as successful as you think I would or should be, that's your own
opinion. I enjoy being in the pool and sport of swimming and having fun
with what I'm doing."

—Additional reporting by Lindsay Good



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