Saturday, October 10, 2015


Andlazz Inc, New York, NY. October 2015.  Singer and songwriter Dazz Letellier surprises her fans this month with the release of two music videos.  The first one will be “Shake That” and the second is expected to be released on October 23, which is actually the Spanish version of her music video “I love me more,” Yo me amo mas.  The video will deal with the issue of domestic violence and will be in commemoration of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, more information and details will follow.  
The video “Shake That” will be released this upcoming Wednesday, October 14th, on her youtube platform  The video will then be placed on different media outlets including TV, music, radio and websites.  The music video “Shake that” is a continuation of a sequence of videos created by the artist that tells the story of an unknown character named “The Character” and is played by Dazz herself.  “The Character” deals with a not-so-typical young “woman” who travels in a bicycle looking for work or any odd job that presents itself. 

The first sequence was a Spanish version by the name of “Emergencia,”  In this first sequence, “The Character” finds work in a car shop doing what DAZZ called in one of her recent interviews “men’s work.”  The second part of the sequence “Shake That,” promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience whereby people will ultimately indentify with “The Character” and will simultaneously be moved by the rhythm of the music, storyline, creativity and interpretations of all the actors involved. The story grows from within as the plot thickens and leaves the viewer with a thirst for more, and finally leaving the viewer with the question, what will happen next?
 In “Shake That” we see “The Character” being hired as a supermarket employee.  This second sequence is fully charged with energy that starts right from the beginning.  When writing the storyline, DAZZ takes into account every written detail to ensure it translates to the video production and enable the viewer to fully understand her message of equality in the workforce.  Additionally, the video production provides a different perspective of the New York City workforce that is both comical and fun yet reminds us of the serious nature of working and the aggravation that many people face on a daily basis.

Actors and actresses collaborating on “Shake That”:
Dazz Letellier –  “The Character” Role & one of the Divas
Amalia Tavarez  - One of the most popular Dominican comedienne in New York, better known as “La   vieja de palo,” with the role of a co-employee of “The Character” and pretending to be the supermarket owner.  
Dolores Veras – Pastry Chef Co-employee and Amalia’s partner in crime.
Yahaira Mella  - Community leader playing the role of Fine Fare supermarket manager.
Josefina Then - CEO of Top Then Agency with role as promotional models for Luscious Vines and Don Reyes Rum.
Legna H. Seijo – Beautiful model with role as “The Character” traitor & promotional models for Luscious Vines and Don Reyes Rum.
Belkis Veras – Professional hair dresser and stylist with role as one of the Diva’s
Odali Veras  - Leading male character “papi chulo.”
Ranzel, D’Onelle, DiannLee, Odel and Samantha as naughty kids playing around.
“Skake That” was written by DAZZ , Music Production by Kanos “Solo Creators,” Video Production of “Shake That,” in collaboration with Pla Film (Jose Pla).  
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